6 Aralık 2016 Salı

MacOs Friendly Intellij IDEA Shortcuts

Shortcuts help developers to be more productive and prevent distraction caused by mouse. Unfortunately, there are subtle shortcut differences between different platforms. Following Intellij IDEA shortcuts will increase productivity in MacOs environment:

Intellij IDEA does not provide preconfigured VCS shortcuts. To make it easy to remember, all shortcuts are assigned to ALT button and all shortcuts denote the first letter of assigned action (except Commit/Check In).

Alt+A                        Annotate
Alt+U                        Update
Alt+R                        Rollback
Alt+H                        History

Alt+C                        Commit/Check In
Alt+P                        Push

The reason why 'I' character is selected as shortcut of "Commit/Check In" is, because Intellij IDEA already used this character in "Commit Changes" dialog for "Commit/Check In" action .

Intellij IDEA already provides a shortcut for Push action which is SHIFT+COMMAND+K. This shortcut is not easy to remember. It is suggested to use ALT+P for Push action.