2 Kasım 2006 Perşembe

My First Intellij Plugin: Classpath Complete

I have just released my first open-source Intellij plugin. The plugin is hosted in Intellij's web site: http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=1214. This is an alpha release. There are a couple of missing features that I am planning to implement soon.

The source code can be downloaded here.

What the plugin does:

There are plenty of jar files around that a java developer should be aware of. Sometimes, we need some classes but we may not know which jar files contain these classes. In the build process, if the jar files does not exist in the classpath of java projects, the compiler throws "cannot resolve symbol" errors for classes which cannot be found in the classpath. My plugin comes into play in this situation. The plugin finds all the jar files on all of the drives of the computer. Then it finds the classes inside the jar files. The information is saved in Intellij IDEA's configuration file. This process needs to be done only once. After the plugin is initialized, you can search the missing classes using a dialog box, to find which jar file contains the class and later add the jar to the project's classpath.